Beliefs and Principles

  • We affirm, without reservation, that Yeshua is Immanuel, G-d with us, the promised Messiah according to the Hebrew Scriptures.
  • Yeshua is G-d in the flesh and it is through His sacrificial death, resurrection, ascension and intercession that atonement has been made for our sins.
  • Salvation is a work of G-d alone. No amount of Torah observance or works can achieve or maintain salvation. (John 6:44)
  • We submit to a Biblical Torah observant lifestyle – NOT for salvation purposes but brought forth by our love for G-d. (John 14:15)
  • We affirm that Biblical Torah observance is for both Jew and non-Jew alike. (Num. 15:14-16, Eph. 2:11- 3:6)