Ariel and D'vorah Berkowitz will be joining us
Saturday Aug. 27th – Sept. 10th.

On Shabbat, doors open at 10:15AM, Services start at 10:45AM; Berkowitz’s teachings to begin around 1pm. Topic: Prayer - See description below.

Sundays, doors open at 10:30AM - Teachings to begin at 11:00AM

If planning to attend in person please email us at or call 908-674-5601 with number of folks planning to attend, as seating is very limited.

Or, you can join us via live stream by clicking here.

Topics of Discussion will include:

Being of one mind/accord as a Community: What does that mean; how do we get there; what does that look like? As a group we will look carefully at the Greek of several passages. Just looking at exactly what our Father our Creator is speaking directly to us. Then we will have discussion sessions based only on what that wording is. We will be processing together as brothers and sisters. Processing from within Abba’s exact wording to us. This should be very very interesting discussions. These discussions will have to be based upon our true identity in Messiah as the new creation humanity that we actually are! This then is also a discussion of the finished work of Messiah Yeshua on The Tree. For this journey in study and discussion based upon only the wording of the passages that we will study together, it is recommended that you attend all the sessions. We will need both Sundays for this exploration and the discussions that go with it.

Prayer: Yeshua teaching His disciples to pray. We will look at what He taught. We will look very carefully at “may Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. Within that discussion, we will explore tefilah “without ceasing”. What are the misunderstandings that we have had from the different prayer cultures that we learned within? What might we discover about prayer within our discovering the humanity that God created humanity to be. And the finished work of Messiah returning us to be that humanity! New creation! Our Creator, our Father designed us to see and to hear from within His Voice. We will need all three Shabbat afternoons for this exploration and discussions that go with it. It is exciting how many parts of Torah help us in this exploration.