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12/15/18 – Shabbat Services

Doors Open @ 10:15 AM
Services Begin @ 11:00 AM

Parashah  Lech-Lecha – “Go-For You” לך־לך – Part 2 – Parashah #11
[3 Year Torah Cycle]

Torah: B’reshit (Gen) 14:1-24
Haftarah: Yeshayahu (Isa) 41:2-14
Apostolic: Romans 12:14-17←Picking up from our last regular Shabbat


Mitzvoth Study
Mitzvoth in Review
The Court and Judicial Procedure
Mitzvoth #242-247
242. B’midbar (Num) 35:30
243/245. Sh’mot (Ex) 23:1
244. D’varim (De) 24:16
246. D’varim (De) 13:15
247. D’varim (De) 19:25


Prayers Needed
Joe Continued healing and shalom The Butler’s Strength, health, and shalom leading up to, during, and after the baby’s birth.
Marian Continued restoration Stephanie Healing from Gastroparesis
Lea Continued restoration Emi Healing from PCOS
Vinnie Healing from EB Melanie Overall healing
Timmy Deliverance and salvation Yaffa Continued healing and restoration
Jackson Deliverance and salvation Jack & Ellen Strength + Guidance and Restoration
Ariel Full recovery from diabetes Rayni Find a job that will allow him off for Shabbat
Tatiana Give her normal platelet levels / increase Vitamin D Brittany Physical/Mental/Spiritual Strengthening
Baby Jesse Continue to strengthen him – use him for Your glory Medcalf’s Clear guidance with their life
Mair She needs Your favor with her apartment issue Dave Bring forth better employment

Remember: If you can’t join us live, join us via Live Stream @ 11:00AM — Click and follow the instructions at Live Stream | Beit B’rachot Messianic Fellowship

Render to Caesar that which belong to Caesar; and render to God that which belongs to God. – Mattityahu 22:21


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